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  • Prootipe Studio

    Ioana Ciurea and Bogdan Gotia are architects, two people with various passions for design, music, graphics and aestetics. Prototip Studio is their playground for creating links between several fields that they are interesed in. While working on their  projects they are producing their own prototypes in order to learn by making, they try to  make from every project a sustainable process and to transform the practical part of their job in a way of learning new things.

  • Alis Lalu

    Every piece that Alis makes it's unique and has its own story. They are all manufactured without the use of any moulding techniques or other processes used in mass production. Each part of every piece is personally crafted by Alis separately and then combined with the other parts, as a whole, by soldering and riveting. Alis wishes her pieces be worn by those that see in jewelry more than an accessory, but rather a way of expressing themselves. She was born in 1982 in Constanta, the cosmopolitan city by the Black Sea in Romania. Economist by education, Alis followed her childhood dream of being surrounded by beautiful jewelry. In January 2011 she started the courses of Assamblage, Contemporary Jewelry School, under the guidance of David Sandu, a pioneer of Romanian contemporary jewelry. In this way she had the chance to discover contemporary jewelry and thus have started her own workshop. One of her first collections is inspired by the sea and the world of sailing, another passion of Alis. A couple of months later she gave up her corporate career in order to pursue this old passion, to which she is now totally dedicated. Beside her development as a jewelry designer, Alis also started, since the spring of 2012, to teach the evening classes within Assamblage, Contemporary Jewelry School in Bucharest, Romania.

  • Ciprian Vrabie
    To cite a former professor of mine: "The first great designer was the one who invented the sewing needle because that is the tool that allowed instinct to transition into intelligence, and the utilitarian into the aesthetic." As such, I try to discover and form my unique style in the existing spectrum of decorative design. In the process, I hope that my training as an architect will balance my contemplative predisposition towards wonderment, to render clarity and consistency to my work.
  • Alexe Popescu
    Alexe Popescu is a designer based in Bucharest, Romania. After graduating Polytechnical University - Mechanical Engineering and University of Arts - Design Department in Bucharest, he started a colorful career, moving between various design areas: advertising and branding, stencils and fanzines, product design and type design, book design and packaging. The product design journey started in 2007 with the launch of Grafica Chair & Small Table and a series of city bags (Backpack & Minibag) under Lectura Form brand. He’s currently building his own design label, “Combina”, which already includes Cookie Table and P-1 wallet, both following the same concept: 1 product = 1 material + 1 procedure.
  • Robert Powell
    Powell’s paintings of Asia have as their subject matter existing buildings and objects, reconstructions of historical structures, and imagined places and artifacts, all inspired by the richness of pre- and post-modern Asian worlds. The origin of architecture was not only as shelter but was more importantly the ritual demarcation of sacred space; this transcendence of the profane is the underlying theme of Powell’s work. It can be obvious in the depiction of temples and religious structures or it can be just an atmosphere, a feeling, a sense of meaning beyond the detailed tangible “reality” floating on the paper. It is the very concreteness of the images that enables this feeling of “depth” to occur. This concreteness comes from a long and sympathetic familiarity with the sources of his imagery: the interlinked cultures of Asia and their material expression.
  • Oltin Dogaru
    Oltin Dogaru was born May 15th 1973 in Bucharest. He began contemplating the world by studying Mathematics, then working as an art director he discovered photography and dedicated himself exclusively to it. From 2005 he works as a professional photographer in different areas as fashion, advertising and journalism. His passion for people and their stories made him travel a lot. in 2009 he was called to be one the authors of a photograhic book about Milan and he moved there for almost an year, beginning to collaborate with important model agencies and with one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world, Istituto Marangoni.
  • Bianca Popp
    Bianca Popp is a 37 years old Romanian designer, with studies and experience in both advertising and fashion. Jobs have included copywriting for P4 Studio Advertising and teaching branding and creative writing at Bucharest University in Bucharest Romania, designing for Prada and 10 corso como in Milan Italy, and trend researching for Missoni Italy and her own brand, in Italy and in Romania. She has entreprenorial experience with her own label of clothing in both Italy and Romania, having owned her shop in Bucharest for 10 years and selling in other concept stores in Italy and Romania for 7 years, producing in Romania and organizing production for other fashion brands in both Romania and Italy. She loves to do styling for fashion shoots, as a native quality enhanced by the Master in Styling at Istituto Marangoni in Milan. She is currently living mostly in Bucharest and travelling to Milan when needed.
  • Ronit Cohen
    Ronit Cohen is an artist who was born in Jerusalem, into a world of jewelry creation. Her father was the first one in the family who embraced the art and transform it into a job full of passion. Her father-in-law is a famous painter, and the 3 daughters have already the “microbe” of art in their blood, being students of a design university and making Ronit very proud. Ronit Jewelry collection is inspired from absolute nature, and offers a beautiful and clean line of perfect harmony with both the past and the present. Gold, Silver and metals coated with 24K gold reveal an extraordinary design and the finished creation still possess an imprint of the raw material. All the jewelry are handmade, resulting in a unique style for each piece. The collection reflects a deep personality, which conveys an interconnection between inspiration, art and jewelry. The belief in the synergy between nature's materials and artisanship is expressed in her jewelry, that combines a raw look and authentic touch.
  • arhiDOT design
    We are Dana and Vlad Bostina, architects and designers and arhiDOT design is our architecture studio. Working on the image of a building or designing a space or object we are always trying to bring a fresh and cutting edge approach in our design while keeping in touch with the individual requirements of each job. We promote a pure design , clean compositions without useless artifice. We are continually trying to innovate, using unconventional shapes and materials but always with care for our planet resources . We believe that through our ideas, solutions and use of unexpected materials we create a rich ambiance for the senses that will enhance the lives of our clients with a sense of peace and joy.No Time, our design brand, reflects this philosophy through unconventional and full of personality pieces.
  • Ana Wagner
    Ana Wagner is the creator of the trademark « Wagner – fine arts and stories » and the co-owner of the Wagner factory and shop from Bucharest. She is the manager of a team of five artists, all with BA degrees in Fine Arts. She also studied at the Bucharest Fine Arts Academy. After graduation she travelled abroad and specialized in the engraving technique and porcelain painting in Budapest, Barcelona, and Paris. She paid particular attention and studied in detail the technique of porcelain glaze painting, visiting porcelain factories from Sevres and Limoges as well as museums and art studios of famous porcelain producers. Ana Wagner has had many individual and group exhibitions in Romania as well as in other European cities. For some of thèse events she collaborated or partnered with famous, world -wide known brands such as Vileroy & Boch, Unilever or BMW. Between 2009 - 2010 Ana Wagner had a special guest in her Art Studio - a great Romanian contemporary artist, Ştefan Câlţia. Their partnership materialized in a hand-painted porcelain exhibition signed by Ştefan Câlţia and displayed at Galeria Posibila in Bucharest. This event is part of a bigger project where a famous Romanian designer or artist will be invited every year to create a unique handpainted porcelain collection following the model of the great European porcelain manufactures. On Wagner handpainted manufacture The small handmade porcelain manufacture opened under Wagner trademark lies in the heart of Bucharest, close to the Romanian Opera House. Five decorating painters give life to the original models envisioned by Ana Wagner. The porcelain is either from Romania or imported from France-Limonge or Germany. From Romania Wagner studio is buying the phosphatic porcelain, a tender, almost translucent porcelain that resembles the Bone China one. The porcelain objects are decorated in the classic glaze painting technique. The artist uses special pigments that are burned at 850-900 degree Celsius as well as precious metals such as gold or platinum. In order to obtain exquisite and high quality creations, the objects are burned two or even three times at high temperatures. The drawings are the original creations of Ana Wagner and the five painters working in the studio. The artist says that porcelain is merely the base for her art just like paper or canvas is for other artists. Thus she creates unique and special sceneries using classical porcelain painting patterns as seen in Sevres and Meisen. Wagner porcelain objects are nib signed by every decorator with their initials and the year of creation. Each Wagner porcelain object has a certificate of authenticity that bears the original signature of Ana Wagner. Each Wagner creation is unique or is part of a small series of numbered objects, numbered just like the engravings. ( 1/ 25, 2/25, 3/25 etc. ) Wagner manufacture owns also the technique of decorating porcelain, called decalcomania. This technique allows the imprint of a bigger series of porcelain objects with porcelain pigment burned at very high temperatures. Thank to this technique the small manufacture can honour special orders from bigger companies that ask for hundreds porcelain objects personalized or trademarked. There are also porcelain objects created in the mixed technique (decalcomania and handpainting). However this represents a medium series creations. Wagner art studio can cater to a large range of requests : special personalizations, creating special monograms or special models by request. Art objects signed by Wagner are a blend of luxury and genuine art !
  • Anca Fetcu
    As a designer, Anca says we need to change the perspective on how we see happiness and fulfillment. She believes that the needs we should address today are mainly the psychological ones: the need for comfort and joy, freedom, relaxation and so on. She worked as an Art Director for 3 years and after she started freelancing as a product and graphic designer.
    Product collaborations: Ytong, Intel Romania, Avon Cosmetics, UNICEF Romania, Salvati Copiii Foundation, Intro Design and Ubikubi Design Studio.

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