Who we are 

We are Diana Blinda and Liviu Souca, entrepreneurs with a passion for design.

We put a lot of enthusiasm in what we do.

We feel that we could live surrounded by beautiful things, we love meeting people who bring something new into our lives. And at some point we realized that we could make all of this happen. 


Here you will find...

Design products.

Furniture, jewelry, fashion, shoes, lamps, chairs, accessories. We are a "design bazaar" and basically this is our choice for good things in life.




Have you ever experienced finding a fabulous glass or a vintage nightstand and at the same time realized that you already had too many nightstands or vintage glasses? Well, that's why.

Simply because we cannot buy all the things we like, and in our journeys we do discover many of them: interesting, inspiring, intriguing things that we would like to have, but there is not enough place to accommodate all of them. So we bring these items here, because we feel it would be such a waste if nobody had them.


For whom

For people like us. People who enjoy traveling, seeing new things, understanding what happens around them. If you met us, chances are we would easily become friends.

We could write entire pages here, but it's better to be brief, so now we will stop talking and let you take a look around. Should you want to ask us something while you're here, please e-mail us!

Imagine we are inside a real store and you simply turn to us and ask something about a piece that you like or about the place itself or whatever else you might want to know – our commitment is to answer all of your e-mails.