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Designer: CrousCalogero.

A helmet holder to hang onto the wall with a compartment for everything you carry in your pockets and a clothes hook. For motorbike lovers, whether they are professional motorcyclists or students with their first scooter, helmets are an important personal element just as much as the bike itself and for this reason they deserve a special storage place


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You must have seen how a biker enters a room: first a huge helmet, then  some impressive gloves and, eventually, the man. If you are one, too, you definitely know that annoying feeling that there is simply no place where your helmet doesn't intrude.

Well,having said that, seems that a special holder with a rounded shape – conceived to keep the helmet padding in a natural position and to prevent deformations, – is one of the best moments of the evening (next to the moment you're back on the bike). The mouth is where you leave your keys, wallet and gloves, whilst the hook under the neck is strong enough for a biker jacket - if you ever held one, you know it's not cloth, but an institution.
So, biker or not, Crazy Head solves a million problems instantly. Not to mention it's stunning. And by the way, hats fit Crazy Head too. Ties, also. And sunglasses. And thousands of useless things you collect in your pockets.

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