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Agios Giorgios Manticas, Meteora, Greece



35 Produse

Size: 89cm x 110cm

Limited edition of 50 Giclee prints

Giclee (Pigment) Prints, with archival inks on 300 gms acid free paper, signed and numbered by the artist.

 Robert Powell talking about his painting


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$ 5,147.66

Agios Georgios Manticas (Saint George with the Scarves).  is a cave chapel in the extraordinary  complex  of  monasteries at Meteora in central Greece. Tradition says that during the Turkish occupation of Greece, in the 17th century, a local Muslim landowner cut some trees from the saint's sacred forest. In revenge, Saint George paralysed the man's hand, but he was cured after he offered the saint his wife's veil or yashmak, the most valuable gift a Muslim can give. In memory of that donation, worshippers hang  pieces of cloth once a year on a line supported by trees beside the cave's entrance. Throughout the world there is an ancient tradition of hanging cloth on sacred trees to cure illness. Young men from a nearby village compete in  climbing  to the cave, using ropes. They  then carry down parts of the old cloths, which they keep in their homes as talismans of good health.

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